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Monday, February 20, 2017

Third Angel Investing Course on 27th April 2-630pm

Some of you may be aware but i have been conducting Angel Investing Workshops for people who are keen to invest and find out more about this asset class. Reception has been very good and we have trained about 56 people over the last 2 classes held in Dec last year and Jan this year.

This half day course covers comprehensively all the things we need to think about.

* How Angel Investments fit in your overall portfolio
* Ecosystem data
* Positioning as an Angel
* Evaluation of Startups
* Due Dilligence & Legal
* Post Investment Issues

Best of all, i use real data from our own portfolio as examples and to show what is really happening now.

And after the workshop, you will also gain access to pitch sessions of startups which are validated by more experienced investors. So far 2 pitch sessions have been organized.

Find out more at :

ps: DrWealth is the event organizer for the workshops and this is a paid event.


  1. Might be joining your next course Mr Lim. Do like your writings here (hope to see more posts in the future) Cheers - Pascal