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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Open Letter to all colleagues and alumni of JobsCentral

Today is my last day at work. I want to thank everybody for helping to build JobsCentral to where it is today. Over 14 years, we have grown from a 2 man startup into one of the largest regional job portals with over 150 staff in SG, MY and ID. We grew revenue and profit each year for 14 years running. Not many companies can achieve that.

Each of you have played a part in making this happen and I want to thank each of you for that effort and heart put in. It's always a team effort to make things happen.

I hope everyone continues to find alignment between what you want to do and achieve in life and what JC or your current employer is able to offer. Continue to stay true to our company values of honesty, teamwork, easy to do business and meritocracy. These are good values to have in any workplace. Keep striving to improve yourself as a person and professional. Have pride and set good standards for yourself. I hope to see everyone do spectacularly well in life. Don't settle for less.

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